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/>imsun; font-size:medium; line-height:normal">Second place has been a curse for Team Liquid. 

Chris Harris Jr Jersey/>imsun; font-size:medium; line-height:normal"> . Other squads might look at the consistent top-four placements that Liquid has achieved as goals to aspire to, but for Liquid its always been disappointing coming in just shy of the top prize.This teams first and most recent major LAN victory in 2016 was at Epicenter this past May. That hard-won 3-2 victory against Newbee is a high point the five members of Liquid would like to achieve again, this time at The International, Dota 2s biggest tournament. How are the players handling this challenge?For now, we are slowly shaping ourselves to the form we were at Epicenter, which was our strongest point, said four-role player Jesse JerAx Vainikka.Back to boot campTeam Liquid isnt a new name in esports, but this fresh-faced lineup is new to the banner. Picked up wholesale by the organization last October, the former 5Jungz squad has been further reinforced by the know-how and tools available to an established brand. This includes knowledgeable support staff and intensive boot camps.JerAx points to coaches William Blitz Lee and Lee Heen Seung Gon, as well as team manager Mohamed Morad, saying the team is lucky to have [them] and that they help by bringing up key points for improvement. That support, according to now-former coach Blitz, has been a catalyst for the teams success.The team has all the skill in the world, Blitz said. Having a good support staff just allows them to fully utilize their potential.Of course, Liquid is no stranger to large tournaments. This lineup has played in almost every major and premier in 2016, and always performed at a high level. The pre-TI boot camp is different, though, and Liquid is going at it with much more determination.Before, [for] previous tournaments, we felt like the boot camps were extremely useful for the team, but lasted only for a week, which we found too short, JerAx said. Before TI, we are going to stay together for a straight month, with some days off here and there.This level of preparation is crucial for The International. Eighteen of the top teams in the world will be competing for a massive prize pool. Money and status ride on the line, and every team will be focusing, preparing for any and all opponents that might stand between them and the cup. Its a lot to manage, but Blitz says the focus is on the team, and not outside factors.At boot camps we work primarily on improving ourselves and less about reading our opponents, Blitz said. Things like working on communication and chemistry are the most important factors to us.Writing a new playbookThe plays of Team Liquid are fast, coordinated and sometimes appear effortless. The cohesion of this team is something to behold, and its a factor that has pushed it ahead of many other teams in the pack.If youre looking for a standout player, it might be JerAx. Most well-known for his Earth Spirit play, JerAx was adept at playing the rolling roamer, making aggressive plays in the mid and side lanes, and securing space for his carries.According to JerAx, though, his role has changed a lot since the days of first-pick Earth Spirit.That used to be the old days of Liquid, when we played extremely aggressive, he said. Right now [Kuro KuroKy Salehi Takhasomi] is playing the roamer, and Im sticking to the safelane with [Lasse MATUMBAMAN Urpalainen].That switch-up might seem odd, given JerAxs skill at executing roaming ganks. The four-role player seems used to adapting to new mindsets though, as its something he says hes had to do against discerning opponents. I used to switch things up a lot when I went into new games, when people figured out what Im doing, he said.His lane companion, MATUMBAMAN, also has a wide pool of heroes. In just The Summit 5 alone, the most recent tournament the team attended, Matu played eight different cores across 13 matches. Morphling, Huskar, Drow Ranger, Timbersaw, Storm Spirit and Anti-Mage all comprise a highly varied pool, and it doesnt even include what might be his best-known pick, Lycan.MATUMBAMAN told me that when looking for new picks, he looks to places some might see as odd. Whenever I develop new heroes, its a combination of pub games and other pro game replays I have watched, he said. Obviously I might [mess] up, but thats life.Switching roles, getting new pick ideas from pub matches, and staying in the same house together for an entire month might grate on a lesser teams nerves, but for Team Liquid, the squads bond trumps all of those concerns. These five have been together a long time; theres a level of trust and a shared commitment to the goal that keeps them going.We are definitely friends with each other, JerAx said. And I think it plays a huge part when we stay together for multiple weeks at boot camps and tournaments.Team Liquid has seen the highs and lows. It has put in the prep time. On the precipice of TI6, MATUMBAMAN summed up his goal for Seattle: Leave the venue knowing that I and my team did everything we could to produce the best performance. Justin Simmons Jersey/>imsun; font-size:medium; line-height:normal"> . What general manager Dave Nonis called "short and productive" negotiations ended with Kessel signing a US$64-million, eight-year contract on Tuesday. Shane Ray Jersey/>imsun; font-size:medium; line-height:normal"> . Now tied for second in the league in shootout goals, the 24-year-old likes to see what the opposing goaltender has in store before he ultimately lands on a move.http:///...c-domata-peko-jersey/>imsun; font-size:medium; line-height:normal"> . 1, meaning problems for the doping controls at both major international sports events next year. The World Anti-Doping Agency provisionally suspended the Moscow Antidoping Center on Sunday, saying its operations must improve or a six-month ban on the facilitys accreditation will be imposed. The oldest major in womens golf, the U.S Womens Open, begins Thursday at CordeValle Golf Club. As players prepare for what is undoubtedly one of the toughest tests in golf, there are two players who stand a chance at contending and neither play on the LPGA Tour.Madelene Sagstrom and Jackie Stoelting both play on the Symetra Tour, the development tour for the LPGA. Sagstrom has already broken the all-time season earnings record with $114,157 through July 1. Stoelting has earned $62,200, which is just behind the $68,673 Annie Park finished the season with in 2015 as the money leader.Ranked Nos. 1 and 2 on the money list with 11 tournaments left for the season, Sagstrom and Stoelting have most likely secured their card for the LPGA next year. To put their dominance this year into perspective, each have won twice this season, with a combined eight top-10 finishes. And both qualified for the U.S. Womens Open through a sectional qualifier in Atlanta.Despite many similarities throughout the season, Sagstrom and Stoelting have different approaches to how they play golf and prepare for a tournament.Sagstrom is in her rookie season as a professional. While competing at LSU, she was a four-time All-American and won SEC player of the year in 2015, her senior year. After failing to secure her LPGA card at the final stage of qualifying school, she committed to playing on the Symetra Tour full time.I was actually more nervous at the second stage of qualifying than finals, Sagstrom admitted. If I didnt get through second stage then that meant I would have to go back to Sweden because I wouldnt be able to get a visa to stay in the States.Stoelting is a veteran of both the LPGA and the Symetra Tours. After making her professional debut in 2008, Stoelting has played consistently. In 2013, she earned conditional status to play on the LPGA but focused her energy on the Symetra Tour. The following year she won Golf Channels Big Break: Reynolds Plantation.She then finished her 2014 season third on the money list and secured full playing rights on the LPGA. She made one cut during the last full-field event on the LPGA, and did not finish high enough to keep her card. This led her back to the Symetra Tour.Each speak differently in terms of how they view golf and perhaps their years of contrasting professional playing experience contribute to their differing approaches.Sagstrom has a mentor who plays on the mens European Tour, and also utilizes a sports psychologist. Based out of Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Sagstrom has tried to find balance in what has been a whirlwind year. In her first seven starts of the year, she won twice and recorded six top-fives.Going into the season, Sagstrom did not necessarily have high expectations.At her first tournament of the year, Sagstrom called her mentor, stating that she did not feel like she belonged out there. He calmed me down and helped me get through that first week, she said. She finished the tournament tied for third, then finished second the following tournament and clinched her first win in her third start.I have a great team around me, she said referring to her agent, mentor, caddie and sports psychologist.With her family back in Sweden, Sagstrom is walking this journey alone with so much to learn. At 23 years old and fresh out of college, she admits there are challenges to being a rookie, ones she did not foresee.In college you have your coach making all your travel arrangements and taking care of pretty much everything for you. When you turn pro, you dont think about all the responsibilities like booking travel, writing thank you cards to sponsors, or meeting sponsorship obligations. There are a lot of little details that add up and in some ways make professional golf harder than college golf, Sagstrom said.Sagstrom is actually grateful that she did not earn her LPGA card at Q-school, My game would have been ready, I believe, but mentally I dont think I could have handled it. Playing on the Symetra Tour was the best thing that happened to me.Stoeltings approach is much more laid back and less rigorous. She does not have a full-time caddie and instead enlists the help of volunteer caddies that have included her husband Travis (who is also her swing coach) and father when they are able to travel with her on the road. Each of her wins this year took place when Travis and her father caddied for her. When she finished solo second two weeks ago, she had a volunteer caddie.I know my game well enough now that I dont feel I need a full-time caddie out here, shee said. Garett Bolles Jersey/>imsun; font-size:medium; line-height:normal">. .She also doesnt have an agent or sports psychologist.I read a lot. Bob Rotella is one of my favorite [sports psychologist authors] to read.Despite her crazy schedule, Stoeltings life seems more settled because the routine of playing professional golf is not new to her.I actually think I have practiced less this year and have conserved my energy a lot better this year.Stoelting believes part of the reason she struggled on the LPGA last year is that she pushed herself too hard and did not give her body enough breaks. A common mistake that many rookies make during their first year on the LPGA is just that, not knowing when to take a break or pushing themselves too much during practice.After Q-school last year I put away my clubs for a month and took a break to decide if I still wanted to play. But I really didnt want to end on a sour note of feeling like I failed on the LPGA. I emailed my dad and basically said, I am going to give myself one more shot. If I dont earn my LPGA card by finishing top 10 on the money list, or get exempt into finals [of qualifying school], I am going to hang it up, Stoelting said.This all-or-nothing approach may seem extreme to many, but it actually provided focus to Stoelting. However, she did not start the year off with a bang. Before qualifying for the U.S. Womens Open, her best finish was tied for 13th. She was playing decent golf, but it all began to click when she played in the U.S. Womens Open qualifier.I would say the turning point for me was the U.S. Open qualifier, which was May 21, she said.After making the turn at the qualifier at 1 over, her husband Travis gave her a pep talk and said, You need to believe that any putt you look at, youre going to make. No matter what the situation, you just gotta believe that youre going to make that putt.Stoelting then laughingly said that Travis kissed her putter. She went on to finish the 36-hole qualifier at 3 under and won in the playoff to secure her spot at the U.S. Womens Open. It was after qualifying that Stoelting won two weeks in a row on the Symetra Tour.When questioned about their preparation for the U.S. Open, each did not surprisingly have different approaches.This will be Sagstroms first time playing in a major, let alone the biggest tournament she has ever played in. This in contrast to Stoelting, who qualified and made the cut at U.S. Womens Open at Sebonack Golf Club in 2013.Sagstrom played CordeValle a few weeks ago to see the course for the first time.The course is in fantastic shape. I cannot wait to see how its going to play during the tournament.She admittedly is a perfectionist and tends to focus on flaws in her swing. This is something she has worked diligently on with her swing coach.Im a very technical player. I have a hard time leaving the golf course if I feel like my swing doesnt look right, she said.She feels like she is learning that just because her swing may be perfect does not necessarily mean she will play perfect golf.Sagstrom is long off the tee, and while she believes she does everything well on the course, its the consistency in her game that she believes will lead to success, and possibly a good week at the U.S. Womens Open.Stoelting has had not seen the course yet, but with Stoeltings prior experience, she believes her consistency of hitting fairways will bode well for her and is focusing on hitting greens and practicing her short game.They may be working on different parts of their game to prepare for the LPGAs third major of the year, but they have the same mentality in how they are approaching viewing the week. Unless they were to win the tournament, no matter how each of them played, it would not affect whether or not they earn their LPGA Tour card.This is like a bonus tournament for me, Sagstrom said, expressing similar sentiments as Stoelting.Stoelting added, I have realized that no matter what tournament I play, 150 yard shot is a 150 yard shot. It doesnt change with the tournament, and that is one thing I have really tried to focus on in realizing that golf is not as complicated as we often make it to be.For each of them, the tournament will be a special week, and their families will be along for the ride. The experience of playing against the best players in the world is an exciting test to see how their games will hold up throughout the week.Its just going to be so much fun to be there, Sagstrom said. Cheap NFL Jerseys/>imsun; font-size:medium; line-height:normal"> Cheap NFL Jerseys China/>imsun; font-size:medium; line-height:normal"> Cheap Jerseys From China/>imsun; font-size:medium; line-height:normal"> Cheap NFL Jerseys Authentic/>imsun; font-size:medium; line-height:normal"> Wholesale Jerseys China/>imsun; font-size:medium; line-height:normal"> Cheap NFL Jerseys China/>imsun; font-size:medium; line-height:normal"> NFL Cheap Jerseys/>imsun; font-size:medium; line-height:normal"> ' ' '